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Daniel Nelson – Historical figures

In this new series of non-fiction historical portraits, Daniel includes fierce warrior, Boudicca, military commander, Cyrus the Great, Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra and Roman dictator, Julius Caesar.

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Sam Caldwell – History’s BIGGEST Show-offs

This fabulous book from Happy Yak / Quarto takes young readers on a tour of some of history’s greatest show-offs, from wealthy kings and queens who loved to splash the cash to masterful musicians who weren’t shy about their talents or brilliant artists who could not stop telling others how great they were.

Featuring long-dead leaders, artists, musicians and more, from all around the world, the snappy facts are paired with humorous character illustrations from the brilliant Sam Caldwell for maximum hilarity.

‘History’s BIGGEST Show-offs: The boldest, bravest and brainiest people of all time’ is available this month.

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