Geraldine Sy: Botanica – Jewels of the Earth exhibit

Geraldine is currently taking part in Botanica: Jewels of the Earth, an exhibit featuring artwork by 125 artists, illustrators, designers, and photographers from around the world. This nature-inspired exhibition takes viewers on a journey through some of the most fragile ecosystems, mysterious organisms, and the beautiful flora that define the Philippine regions and cultural experiences.  The exhibition embraces the origins, history, science, and culture of the Earth and its ability to foster life, death, and everything in between.

A N  O M I N O U S  T R E E

The Banyan tree, known in the Philippines as Balete, is believed to be home to a variety of enchanted spirits, and even ghosts. It is regarded as a place of untold magic and cautious silence; its giant trunk and tangled roots evoke an ominous feeling of dread and fear. Be careful, provoking the spirits in a Banyan tree can cause one great harm, misfortune, untold suffering and death.

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